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  • Simple and Transparent Pricing - No second language required or convoluted algorithm to figure out what was covered and not covered. You'll know how much a particular service or product will cost to help you make informed decisions. The simplicity will save you time and effort required to navigate your insurance plan.

  • No surprises - Avoid the unexpected bills after your visit because the insurance company took weeks or months to process your claim.

  • Freedom of choice - You get to choose who and where you receive care as opposed to your insurance telling you what to do (in network vs. out of network). You choose the place, people and products you like and support. 

  • Accessibility - Sign up whenever you want. Seriously. No enrollment period restrictions. This is modern day eyecare for everyone, especially individuals without insurance or vision benefits or those who missed their enrollment period who may otherwise delay seeking care due to cost concerns.

  • Emphasis on Patient-Provider Relationship - With fewer administrative burdens, we can spend more time establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our patients, allow more comprehensive and personalized care, and create better communication.

  • Supporting local business - Invest in your community. Help support jobs and keep your local economy strong.

ThrEYEve offers benefits at a fare price without the typical restrictions and constraints of the traditional vision plans offered on the market today.  This is made possible by reducing the administration and complexity involved with insurance. Consider the process of credentialing, insurance billing and reconciliation, changes in procedure and coverage, audits, and the list goes on.  We can also control material and production costs, often dictated by vision plans, to offer you more competitive prices on our products and services, passing on the savings to our patients (rather than the insurance company's pockets).  We believe putting you in control by reducing the intervention of third parties and insurances allows us to be better healthcare providers, to focus on medical decision-making and create a better eyecare experience for you. 

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH VISION PLANS?   If you have any experience with medical or vision insurance then you know. You deal with the headache in exchange for some sense of security and help when you need it but it is incredibly frustrating to deal with, seemingly impossible to understand, and limited at best when it comes to actually getting benefits. We know this best because we're on several vision and medical panels as YOUR advocate with the insurance company. There are some exceptions, but the mainstay of traditional vision plans is covering low quality, antiquated products, restricting service offerings, and dictating the process of who, when, what, where, and how you receive these benefits all along the way.

WHY OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE?   In a perfect world everyone would have vision benefits and be able to use those benefits anywhere they want. The current vision care system in America does not work for everyone and there will likely never be a single vision care offering that works for everyone. We see the disparity of many of our patients in the system and want to offer an alternative for them.

An alternative that is beneficial and comparable enough to even attract those who are participating in traditional insurance based vision plans. We love our patients and appreciate the relationships we've developed over the years (it's why we do what we do). We don't love our relationship with certain vision plans but felt some obligation to participate and to deal with it for years in an attempt to cater to large employers in the area and the benefit of meeting new patients.

WHY NOW?   Several reasons have gotten us to this point. Frankly we wanted to offer a membership plan like this in our second year of business (we're now over 5 yrs old) but COVID and other demands delayed the process. We offer it now with greater knowledge of the insurance industry, better connections with partners and suppliers, and improved systems to provider the care and service you deserve. We chose now in an effort to attract, retain, and reward loyal and supportive patients amidst a difficult time in our economy with prolonged inflation and uncertainty. 

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